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Visual Data Preparation Models

Our platform boasts a user-friendly interface that allows clients to effortlessly prepare their data.

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Simplified Configuration

Configuring machine learning models has never been this effortless. With just a few clicks, users can select and save their desired configurations.

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Revision Control

Our system automatically creates a revision with all the configurations you made, as well as comprehensive metrics.

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Real-Time Preview

Users can see real-time previews of their work, enabling them to visualize the output and make immediate adjustments if necessary.

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Model Evaluation

Allow team members to evaluate and compare model performance collectively, promoting data-driven decision-making and model selection.

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Powerful settings

Unlock flexibility! Tailor each model with dedicated settings for precise customization. Embrace the power of fine-tuning in your projects!

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Visual Data Preparation: OTASAI, faster & better.

Real-time Streamlined Data Preparation! Effortlessly clean, manipulate, and transform your data with our automated platform. Simplify the process and uncover valuable insights without the complexities, empowering data-driven decisions instantly.

Remove data duplicates in visual machine learning

Easily eliminate data duplicates! Our efficient tool swiftly identifies and removes duplicate records, ensuring clean and accurate datasets for your analysis. Streamline your data processing and enhance the quality of your insights.

Handle missing data in visual machine learning

Categorical data made simple! Analyze and interpret discrete variables effortlessly with our user-friendly tools. Utilize powerful techniques like one-hot encoding and label encoding to unlock valuable patterns and gain deeper insights from your categorical data in no time.

Handle missing data in visual machine learning

Prepare your data for superior analysis with OTASML’s Feature Scaling. Normalize feature ranges to enhance model accuracy and efficiency. Whether it's classification or regression, OTASML ensures peak performance. Transform your data for better insights today!

Standardize Text Data in machine learning

Transform text data effortlessly! With our streamlined text standardization, ensure consistency and improve analysis accuracy. Harness the power of clean, normalized text for more meaningful insights and enhanced data-driven decision-making.

Convert data types in machine learning

Seamless data type conversion! Easily convert data between formats, optimizing compatibility and enhancing analysis. Our powerful tool ensures smooth data transitions, empowering you to work with the right data type for your needs.

Manage Date and Time in visual machine learning

Effortless date and time handling! Our platform offers three versatile conversion methods to handle any type of date and time data. Seamlessly transform and manipulate time-based information, enabling precise analysis and effective temporal insights.

Data visualization tool in visual machine learning

Experience data visualization like never before! Our platform empowers you with real-time insights, supported by a diverse range of over 20 dynamic charts. Unlock the full potential of your data as you visualize it in engaging and interactive ways, facilitating informed decision-making and uncovering valuable patterns.

handle missing values in otasai

Effortlessly manage missing values in your dataset! Our platform offers 8 robust techniques to handle missing data effectively. From imputation methods to data exclusion, we ensure your analyses are comprehensive and accurate, unleashing the true power of your data-driven decisions.

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