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data duplicates remover for machine learning


In the fast-evolving world of machine learning, data preparation is a critical step that can significantly influence the accuracy and efficiency of models. OtasML, a visual machine learning tool, offers a comprehensive suite for data preparation, ensuring that data is clean, structured, and ready for analysis. Among the many features in its data preparation model, the Data Duplicates Remover stands out for its ability to streamline datasets by identifying and handling duplicate entries. This article delves into the configurations available in the Data Duplicates Remover, highlighting how they can be utilized to enhance your machine learning workflows.

Configurations Page

The Data Duplicates Remover in OtasML is designed with flexibility and precision in mind, allowing users to tailor the duplicate removal process to their specific needs. Below are the key configurations available:


  • Default Value: None
  • Description: The Subset option allows users to specify certain columns that should be considered when identifying duplicates. This is particularly useful when certain columns hold unique identifiers or critical data points that should not be duplicated. By default, this option is required, ensuring that users consciously decide which columns are essential for the duplicate identification process.

Mark Duplicates

  • Default Value: False
  • Description: This configuration determines which duplicates to mark within the dataset. The options include:
    • First: Marks all duplicates as True except for the first occurrence. This option is useful when the first occurrence of a duplicate record should be retained, and subsequent duplicates should be flagged.
    • Last: Marks all duplicates as True except for the last occurrence. This is ideal when the last occurrence is more relevant or up-to-date compared to earlier entries.
    • False: Marks all duplicates as True, indicating that every occurrence of a duplicate should be flagged. This is the default setting, ensuring a comprehensive marking of duplicates for further action.

Interactive Buttons: Preview and Save

To enhance user experience and provide greater control over the data preparation process, the Data Duplicates Remover includes two essential buttons:

  • Preview: This button allows users to see the effects of the data removal tool in real-time without permanently applying the changes. By clicking Preview, users can visually assess how the dataset will be altered based on the current configurations. This functionality ensures that users can make informed decisions before committing to any changes.
  • Save: Once users are satisfied with their configurations and the preview results, they can click the Save button to permanently apply their chosen settings. This action saves the configuration, which will then be applied to the data during the training process. Ensuring that the system utilizes these saved settings guarantees that the data preparation aligns with the user's expectations and requirements.


The Data Duplicates Remover tool in OtasML provides a robust solution for handling duplicate data entries, a common challenge in machine learning projects. By offering customizable options such as the Subset and Mark Duplicates configurations, users can effectively tailor the duplicate removal process to fit their specific requirements. Whether retaining the first or last occurrence of duplicates or marking all duplicates, these options ensure that the resulting dataset is optimized for accuracy and efficiency in subsequent analysis and modeling. OtasML continues to empower users with intuitive and powerful tools, making the data preparation phase a seamless and integral part of the machine learning pipeline.


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