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Server Management Overview

The Server Management section provides users with real-time monitoring of the server's RAM and CPU status. This section allows users to track the performance of the server and ensure optimal resource utilization.

Monitor Server CPU

Monitor Server

RAM and CPU Status
The Server Management section displays the following information:

RAM Status:

Provides real-time information about the server's RAM usage.
Users can monitor the total available RAM, as well as the amount of RAM currently in use.

CPU Status:

Displays real-time data on the server's CPU usage.
Users can monitor the CPU utilization, including the percentage of CPU resources being used.
Monitoring Features
The Server Management section offers the following monitoring features:

Real-Time Updates: The RAM and CPU status are updated in real-time, allowing users to track changes as they occur.

Graphical Representation: The RAM and CPU status may be visually represented through graphs or charts, providing users with a clear visualization of resource usage over time.

  • Monitoring the server's RAM and CPU status helps users identify potential performance issues and optimize resource allocation.

  • Users should regularly monitor the server's performance to ensure smooth operation and prevent resource bottlenecks.

Last update: March 14, 2024


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