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Security FAQ for OtasML

  • Q1: How does OtasML ensure the security of user accounts?
  • A1: All accounts on our platform are encrypted, ensuring that no one, including our support team, can see or interact with user data.


  • Q2: How are client datasets protected on OtasML?
  • A2: Datasets uploaded by clients are stored on highly secure servers, accessible only by the respective clients. We maintain strict access controls to ensure data security.


  • Q3: What encryption protocol does OtasML use for client connections?
  • A3: We use TLS-based HTTPS protocols for all client connections, ensuring secure and encrypted communication with our servers.


  • Q4: Where are OtasML's servers located and what security standards do they follow?
  • A4: Our servers are located in professional data centers that adhere to the highest security standards, including excellent physical security controls.


  • Q5: How does OtasML monitor its systems?
  • A5: We have 24/7 proactive monitoring in place to continuously oversee the security, availability, and performance of all our systems.


  • Q6: Are OtasML's systems regularly updated?
  • A6: Yes, we perform automated system and application updates to ensure that all components are up to date with the latest security patches and features.


  • Q7: What measures does OtasML take for data backup and disaster recovery?
  • A7: We conduct regular system and data backups weekly, ensuring that we can recover from disaster scenarios and system outages effectively.


  • Q8: Does OtasML provide high availability for its services?
  • A8: Absolutely. We ensure full redundancy for all critical systems and provide world-class data connectivity to maintain high availability.


  • Q9: How does OtasML manage database security?
  • A9: Customer data is separated with client-level isolation and strict access permissions, ensuring that each client's data is securely partitioned.


  • Q10: What access control measures are in place at OtasML?
  • A10: We implement fine-grained access control through system permissions, roles, and network address restrictions to safeguard our systems.

Last update: June 16, 2024


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