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Log viewer overview

Log Viewer Section overview

The Log Viewer section provides users with a comprehensive view of all logged activities within the application. Each log entry contains the following information:

Log viewer

Process ID (PID):

  • The unique identifier assigned to each process within the application.


  • Indicates the severity level of the log entry.

    • Info: Indicates general information.
    • Warning: Indicates potential issues that users should be aware of.
    • Error: Indicates critical errors that require immediate attention.
  • Each type is visually differentiated by color:

    • Info: Green
    • Warning: Blue
    • Error: Red


  • Specifies the area or module within the application where the log event occurred.

Date and Time:

  • Displays the exact timestamp when the log event occurred.


  • Provides a description or details regarding the logged event.

Logged By:

  • Identifies the user or system component responsible for generating the log entry.

Search Functionality

The Log Viewer also includes a search feature that allows users to quickly filter and locate specific log entries based on the following criteria:

  • Section: Users can search for logs associated with a particular section or module within the application.
  • Message: Users can search for logs containing specific keywords or phrases.
  • Date and Time: Users can search for logs that occurred within a specified date and time range.
  • Logged By: Users can search for logs generated by a specific user or system component.

Last update: March 13, 2024


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